Wunderlist — a freemium to-do app for every student

Wunderlist is a great app to organise anything in your study life. Read below to see how it improves my productivity.

My story with Wunderlist

When I’m at school. I use my phone — Galaxy S4 — as my companion. Most of what I use are note-taking, social networking, taking a photo, searching for an information and translate some words.

With Wunderlist, note-taking is easier than before that I used to jot it down on my notebook to read at home… and forgot it. Wunderlist helps me by syncing between my Mac, Galaxy S4 and iPod. All I need to do is just add a task and let the app does the rest. So when I arrived home, Wunderlist reminds me with a notification on my Mac and iPod touch. It’s that simple.

Wunderlist on my Galaxy S4
Wunderlist on my Galaxy S4

Wunderlist also works great with my Android companion. When I have some news to be read later, I just add (share) it to Wunderlist app. This can be done in any app that has a share function, like Gallery, Browser, Play Newsstand, etc.

Working on a projects or a trip is a lot easier as Wunderlist can share a task with my colleagues and family. We can help finishing the task for what to bring and what to do, together. This couldn’t have been easier like this if there’s no Wunderlist.

My tips for Wunderlist

  • When you came up with some ideas, jot it down ASAP before you forget it.
  • If it is important, don’t forget to add a due date and reminder.
  • Download an app to your other smartphones, tablets, and computer for better organising.
  • Share a list with friends to get help and fasten the task.
  • Subscribe to Pro for more features.
  • You can add subtasks to the major task for a better tracking of very tiny task.

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