My first impressions with elementary OS

I have a 9-year-old laptop, the Compaq Presario V4000. At the time my mother bought it, it came with the Windows XP Professional which worked fine at that time. This is the year 2014, the laptop got slower as time flown. I have installed many operating systems on it through the years, Ubuntu 11.04 – 14.04, Linux Mint (maybe 16) and Windows XP – 8.1 (yes, 8.1!). All of them worked almost perfect but had some freezes and slownesses.

Today I decided to find a new Linux operating system for this old laptop. What I found was elementary OS (lowercase e).

Modern Interface

What attracts me to elementary OS is its modern-looking interface. It uses Pantheon, a desktop environment that was introduced in late 2012 along with Luna Beta 1 release, as the default interface.

Here are some screenshots.

elementary OS Desktop
elementary OS Desktop

Fast and Easy

WPS Writer
WPS Writer

elementary OS is fast. As a user of a 512-MB-RAM (and a 1.5 GHz Intel Celeron CPU) computer, I can tell that THIS IS FAST, period.

To be honest, there are some graphical lags throughout the time, but this lag means not smooth. Sometimes that I clicked on a dropdown list, the shadow usually appeared first. Other lag is that when clicking on the Applications menu, it gives me some delay. This might be somehow annoying but I still say that the system itself is FAST, and there’s no freezing to be seen since I started to use it.

Not Much Features

Unlike Ubuntu that comes with a bunch of features and apps, elementary OS has less features, but it’s okay for an everyday use and users who don’t tweak the system much, thus, not for geeks out there.

Oh, and what users coming from Ubuntu (and maybe some other distros) would miss are Task Manager and Personalisation.

Midori Web Browser

elementary OS Midori

elementary OS comes installed with a fast web browser. Midori is really fast and lightweight. For those who care about their privacy, DuckDuckGo is the default search engine here. Like the operating system itself, there’s not much to tinker with the browser.

Boot Time

Here is the boot time on my laptop.

My Best Choice for Old Computers

Most people with an old computer, looking to revive it so that they can use it for entertainment purposes, usually consider Linux operating systems, which are recognised as a lightweight system, to install. I’m in those ones too. Throughout my experiment with different Linux distros, I found many of it but most of them pack an old interface. I care about design very much so that I continued to find a distro that is fast and beautiful in one. elementary OS is the answer.

elementary OS About

So, if you are looking to revive your old computer, consider giving elementary OS a try!




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